Motherhood Photographer Wodonga – When my big boy turned the big TEN last year – I wanted to create a montage for him. From little bubba to big double digits.. I searched for images of us together – Literally – there is none. ? My legacy seems to be missing from his early days and even years. I don’t know if I was hiding behind the camera after putting on 30kgs or if it just ‘slipped’ my mind that being in these photos would be SO important. Here’s a little reminder for you my beautiful mummas. Get in those pictures. At anytime. All the time. Gift yourself an amazing photography session. 10 years on you will have something beautiful to share ❤❤

Staying in the picture. Motherhood Photographer Wodonga

We are our worst critics. And i literally mean that with every thing we do. Women in business, the way we look, motherhood. But let me tell you, your babes won’t look at a photo of you now or even in 20 years time and see any thing but there mumma bear.
When I photograph you with your children, i see a beautiful, strong woman who i just know, loves her children with all her heart. I love capturing the connections and the love.
Don’t be like me, and 10 years down the road not have anything beautiful to share with your little loves. Don’t wait to loose wait, dye your hair, or what ever other excuse you have !
Now is the time.

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