Oh little Bonny .. Little miss came in for her newborn photography Albury session, in my Wodonga purpose built studio.

Sometimes the trickiest thing about a newborn session is keeping the baby content and nice and sleepy. The older the baby is the harder it is. And by older I mean over the 2 week mark, although I can photograph a bubba that is older too so please still get in touch if your baby is already older than 2 weeks.

Some tips and tricks to help baby sleep like a … well baby !

  • A nice warm room – especially when your newborn is naked. I don’t recommend this at home and or full time, but think about warmer up the bathroom or nursery after a bath so your baby isn’t hit with cold air after a warm bath.
  • White noise !!!! Invest in a little white noise machine ! Not sure if you know this… but babies love noise ! They’ve just spent 9 months in your belly, listening to you chat on the phone, music in the car, and of course the natural loud noise of your heart beating and womb sounds. Keep that flow on of noises going when bub has entered the world. It will help soothe them and let them know someone is close by.
    A vacuum or hair dryer work great but who wants to be caught up with that all day ? Not me 😉
    You can buy white noise machines here https://www.babybunting.com.au/ – and I use the baby shusher in my studio. https://babyshusher.com/
  • wrap wrap wrap ~ I have found babies loved to be wrapped nice a firm. They feel secure and safe.
    In my session I do wrap them up in a womb like pose with there little legs up, It really shows how tiny they are and how they may have fit in your tummy, however for at home wrapping this is not recommended.
  • We want MILK ! A milk drunk baby hehe.
  • And a little tip for breastfeeding mums, have a little think about any gassy foods that may cause you bloating, it will do the same to your bubba, so just for our session, the night before try and avoid these particular foods.

Book your very own session !

I really look forward to hearing from you to book in your very own little bubba for a newborn photography shoot ! Follow this link to get in touch !!

Newborn photography Albury Newborn photography Albury