Newborn Portraits Albury

Newborn Portraits Albury
Master William


Its an absolute honour to be chosen to photograph a fresh little bundle. Thanks from Forever Pixels . It really is so special to have these Newborn Portraits Albury Wodonga taken and cherished for a lifetime.

Most of my followers know I love to create something a little extra special in our newborn portrait sessions. Whether it is a digital backdrop or my own hand editing, this is why my wonderful clients are drawn to me ! And I love it wholeheartedly.

So here’s baby William and you’ll see a pretty stunning creation that Mum & Dad love ! Thank you Samara for coming in for your newborn portraits <3

How has your experience been with Forever Pixels Photography?
Fantastic, Bec has been wonderful. Communication has been easy with Bec and every step of the process has been easy (on our behalf, many not so much for Bec!).

Why would you recommend Forever Pixels Photography to friends?
Bec was incredibly gentle, patient and very welcoming. She was a complete natural with my baby and he was incredibly relaxed. The finished gallery of our photos, are so incredibly amazing and have lots of variation. We were also very impressed with Bec’s dedication to personalising the shoot to the family and baby – what our wants from the shoot were, the babies room theme etc

Tips & Tricks from a mum in the know!!!!
‘this too shall pass’ – I constantly remind myself of this, particularly if we’re having a bad and LONG night/day. It reminds me that he won’t be a baby forever, things will get easier and not to take the little things for granted. Everyone says it ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ and this is the best advice I ever received. The house won’t be messy forever and the washing can wait etc but sleep deprivation is definitely the hardest thing I experienced – making everything appear worse than it actually was.


Tell me how you felt when you held your baby for the first time?
William kept the Dr’s on their toes and was born ‘brow presentation’, so face first, which is not common. His heart rate was dropping very fast with each contraction and was not recovering as it should, William became stuck and with 2 obstetric Dr’s very worried, they decided an emergency caesarian was needed. I was almost prepped for an emergency caesarian before specialist obstrecian John Salmon decided he would give it a go getting William out – an abrupt forcep delivery and William joined us safely. I was so incredibly relieved and overjoyed holding him in my arms, after watching his heart rate dropping rapidly with each contraction, it was such a relief that he was here earth side safely! I dreamt of William constantly during my pregnancy but could never see his face and it was so wonderful seeing his face for the first time.

How did you come up with your babys name, who chose it?
We couldn’t agree upon any name! ‘William’ actually came to me when I was driving home from work, and it is the only name that Liam liked and that we could agree on. William is named after his Dad ‘Liam’.

If you have other children, how did they feel about becoming a big brother/sister?
Charlotte is very baby obsessed and was instantly in love with her little brother. She constantly wanted to hold him and loved helping look after him. She has been a little out of place with adjusting to having to share her Mum and Dad, but is doing a good job.


What services in the local community would you recommend to other parents? i.e A lactation consultant you have used etc...
Lactation consultant, Wodonga Parents and Babies Unit – sleep centre! Maternal Child Health Nurse – our nurse was an amazing support. Mother’s Group..

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