The birth of a child is a defining moment in your life. From this day forward, everything changes. You have a new reason for living, a new reason to love.

And just weeks from your bundles birth, they will no longer fit so tiny in your arms like they used to.

They are only this little for so long.

Newborn sessions are best done between 5-14 days of life, when baby is likely to be most sleepy & relaxed. The session will take place in my wodonga home based studio, during the weekday.

I have an evergrowing collection of wraps, outfits, bonnets, headbands props & more, you won't have to bring  thing to your session other than your baby :) 

It's best to book in your session early, but if you're about to have your baby or just did, I will do my best to get you into my schedule.


Those sweet smiles, chubby feet, giggles & rolls !

I absolutely adore baby sessions! 

Our baby sessions are for babies any age up until 12 Months. A great time is between 7 & 10 months as babies are usually sitting & have gorgeous wide eyed faces, smiles & giggles.

Our sessions are relaxed and baby led. We have enough time for bubs to have a break, a feed and a play before getting back into it.

Our newborn clients receive a special invite to our Baby Plan.


Maternity sessions are perfect to remember such a defining moment in your life. 

Between 30-36 weeks is an ideal time for your photo session. The sessions take place in either my cosy studio or on location. Whichever you prefer. I also have a range of maternity gowns/dresses.

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