A little more on toddlers and children.... And i'll repeat myself here just incase it was skipped in the first section - Toddlers are challenging (as you may already know). They're learning to assert their independence, test boundaries and have a short attention span. Try not to set your expectation too high. If you have a specific pose or photo idea in mind, I will do my best, but know that it may not happen. Some tips : ~ Don't get toddlers ready to soon ~ Bring your childs favourite toy ~ Avoid tight Itchy or restricting clothing ~ Bring back up outfits ~ Bring some snacks & water - but leave them until the end of the photoshoot or as necessary ~ If the location is at the park - outdoors - somewhere exciting, explain to your child(ren) ahead of time that they will get a chance to play/explore, but only once the photos are done. A little more info on these little people !! Leave the child(ren) to the photographer ( for the most part) . I can pose them and correct them when needed. Over management can cause a child to spiral into a tantrum, so the less people the child has managing them the better.. I might even encourage some goofy playful behavior during the session to try and build a little rapport with the child. Go with the flow and trust the process. Bribery can work wonders in photo sessions!